Our Company

Century Mechanical Holdings offers tailored solutions to businesses considering to sell. We focus on acquiring HVAC companies and our unique approach has provided strategic, financial, and operational benefits since 2015. Century Mechanical Holdings is a privately held HVAC and mechanical services provider headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Partnering with us provides access to industry peers and best practices, facilitating expansion and growth.

Why Partner With Us?

We customize acquisition deals to meet individual company needs, ensuring a smooth transition. Our expertise in complex negotiations allows business owners to focus on operations without distractions. Century Mechanical Holdings offers flexibility and support tailored to each client.

We excel in identifying high-potential companies and nurturing entrepreneurial spirit. With a strong track record, we empower businesses with resources to maintain innovation and culture.

Building Efficiency & Sustainability 

We are dedicated to promoting efficiency and sustainability within our portfolio. Through strategic investments and collaborative partnerships, our subsidiaries are encouraged to adopt eco-friendly practices and innovative technologies, aiming to optimize operations while minimizing environmental impact. By integrating sustainability principles into our investment strategy, we foster long-term profitability and contribute to a more sustainable future.

What We’re Looking For

We seek Non-Union HVAC service providers nationwide with solid track records. Our services benefit niche B2B service providers seeking broader capital and experienced industry advisors. Affiliates retain control while accessing resources and expertise within our network.

Our Commitment

  • We will honor our commitments
  • We will be there when you need us
  • We will cater to individual needs, concerns and limitations
  • We will effectively and efficiently deliver economical solutions
  • We will offer a top-notch pool of service professional
  • We will communicate with transparency
  • We will provide timely and accurate reports
  • We will provide responsible leadership and partnership
  • We will seek green energy solutions and employ cost saving solutions
  • We will respect the environment and comply with green initiatives
  • We will invest in the community
  • We will develop a dynamic and professional team of experts
  • We will make available to our employees industry-leading training programs
  • We will treat all our employees with respect
  • We will provide our employee with opportunities for career growth
  • We will provide a safe and healthy workplace environment.

Looking for More Information?

We build, service or retrofit comfort systems through our subsidiaries.

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